Golden Retriever Hunting

Golden Retriever Hunting

Being among the top breeds in the country, these dogs make good pets but using a Golden retriever hunting is what these dog were actually bred to do.

The breed loves the water and swimming and this makes them great at retrieving waterfowl such as ducks and geese.

While hunting Golden retrievers expect them to jump from the boat or shelter and retrieve ducks or other waterfowl. Then they bring the game back joyfully to their owners. 

This breed is very easily trained for this purpose.

Golden Retriever HuntingThey are very patient and will sit for a long time waiting for the hunter to take their shot. 

They concentrate very hard on the task they are given.

This dog breed can be overworked if the owner is not careful due to the fact they are eager to please.

Golden's will not flush the game for you, but will retrieve it once it's been shot and bring it back to you.

In order to get hunting golden retrievers you need to get them from a line bred for hunting rather than companionship.

This in turn makes the dog a better field dog.

The breeder should be one breeding for hunting traits and dogs bred this way will be at the top of their game out in the field with you hunting.

They are also more likely not to be gun shy.

The Golden Retriever hunting training should begin with good all around obedience training as the dog needs to sit and come on command.

Golden RetrieverGolden Retrievers need exercise when they are not hunting, which would include daily walks to burn off energy. 

It should be noted they make a great companion dog as well as a hunting dog.

These dogs bond closely with their owner and do not like to be left outside on their own.

They have very gentle personalities,are easily trained, and can be taught to understand numerous voice commands.

As the pup first learns its first retrieval techniques you may have trouble getting the bird or dummy for it, so have patience with the puppy during this early stage.

The dog needs to be introduced to decoys early on and it also needs to learn the scent of the waterfowl you will be hunting.

Given their innate intelligence, this breed catches on quickly to retrieving game.


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Aside from hunting and family companions, Golden's have been proven to be good guide dogs as well, due to their patience and intelligence. Golden Retrievers are good at human rescue too.

They are also just a good all around pet if you do not use a Golden retriever hunting, so get one bred to be a companion if you choose not to hunt your dog.

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