Red Golden Retriever

The Red Golden Retriever

The red Golden Retriever earned a portion of its red Irish Setter blood from one of the first puppies bred by the breed's originator.

Today the red golden retriever coloration appears on occasion in a puppy. Some people state the field type Goldens are actually a golden-Irish setter cross.

Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks, the first Lord Tweedmouth of Scotland, started the perfect golden retriever line we see today when he bought a golden-coated retriever named Nous from a cobbler.

A sportsman, dog expert and breeder, he bred Nous with his water spaniel Belle in 1868. The four yellow offspring were named Crocus, Primrose, Ada and Cowslip.

Red Golden Retriever Puppy

Cowslip was bred to a water spaniel and then a red setter.

When the puppiess grew, they were bred to black retrievers and each other. A bit of bloodhound was introduced somewhere along the line.

Other family members joined Marjoribanks to create a breed of gifted retrievers.

Excellent records were kept of the bloodlines through the 1890s. Tweedmouth's red setters, Samson and Jack, added a strong sense of smell, birdiness and a dark red color.

The result is the Golden Retriever seen today, a strain of attractive and talented friendly intelligent dogs.

Like any living thing, a hint of past bloodlines present themselves from time to time. Today's Irish setters can produce an older version pup with shorter ears and patches and spots of white, particularly on the feet, tail and chest.

The golden retriever sometimes presents a throwback to ancient heritage with a reddish-cast pup. Breeders created an incredible mix of perfection.

Setter or retriever features occasionally stand out as prominent declarations of heritage. That is a good thing, as there is such a similarity between Golden Retrievers and Irish Setters.

A darker or red long-haired retriever can be considered a red golden retriever, particularly in the UK and North America.

Red Golden Retriever

Goldens shed more than setters and have the St John's water dog coat that the setter is also missing.

A red golden retriever provides the best of both dogs. Temperament shows decisively in young puppies. Friendliness and enthusiasm cannot be contained.

Red golden retrievers display friendly, energetic and outgoing type-A personalities. Companionship and daily activities produce content dogs.

Lack of attention creates mischief and spells trouble in the way of ripped furniture and pillows, tossed supplies and scratched flooring indicating a restless dog begging for attention.

Your red golden retriever is part of the family. His presence when company arrives demonstrates his curiosity and intelligence.

Red golden retrievers love the water and will find it wherever it lies, so expect a bit of mud now and then on the beautiful coat. Owners train red goldens to develop their natural skills.

Introduce the pup to water and avoid scolding him for loving it and shaking the water all around. A hunting dog expects water activity. Train retrieving skills.

Dog classes provide guidance for both you and the dog. Encourage the pup's kind disposition and protect him from those who take advantage of it, such as an untrusting cat who swipes the nose.

Start training immediately, love your puppy and create a wonderful adult dog. Like all retrievers, the red golden feels as if the entire family of livestock, pets, children, adults and friends is his to love and care for.

The red golden retriever tolerates handling well. Get him used to it with regular grooming and attention. Baths depend on the thickness and length of coat.

Red goldens prefer brushing on a steady basis. It is a bonding time and feels good to the dog. Brushing allows you to remove the burrs and mats from his coat.

Praise him for his steadiness while grooming, as he quickly learns what brings him positive attention.

Most importantly, enjoy the unique pleasure a red golden retriever brings to your life.

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