Golden Retriever Potty Training

Golden Retriever Potty Training

All Puppies are adorable and sweet, but they also have to pee and poo and it is up to the owner to undertake Golden Retriever potty training to shop them where and how they should do this.

Golden retrievers, like any dog, aren't born knowing the right time and place to do their business, so if we want to potty train our puppies, we have to show them.

There are four main things that it takes to be successful at potty training:

  • 1. Confinement 
  • 2. Praise 
  • 3. Training
  • 4. Timing

To make potty training easier, it is smart to use a crate or cage to train Golden Retrievers where and when they should go potty.

It is best to leave nothing in the crate for now, since puppies will simply have a grand time tearing it to bits.

Since most dogs will not pee or poop where they live, they will wait until you let them out to use the potty.

The crate doesn't need to be big, just large enough so the puppy can turn around. If it is bigger, the puppy will just use one end of the crate to poo and pee, and sleep at the other end.

Praise and Training- It is a good idea to use a leash when training Golden Retrievers to potty outside. This enables you to have more control over what the puppy does, since they are notoriously distractible.

Anything new will gain their attention, and with a leash, you can always pull them back and remind them what they are supposed to be focusing on in the yard.

It is a good idea to teach your Golden Retriever puppy certain words so that they know when and where to use the potty. These can be anything, like pee, poop, or whatever you chose.

Just remember that you will have to us this phrase repeatedly.

Using the word "outside" when getting ready to take your pup out will allow them to associate outside with using the potty.

Soon, you can simply ask your dog if they have to go outside, and they will answer by barking, running to the door, or wagging their tail.

Make outside fun for any Golden Retriever training by saying it in a way that causes excitement. After you are outside with your puppy, tell them the potty phrase you use, and try to keep him in a certain area.

When he does his business, praise him with words like "good Boy go potty!" or things like that.

Avoid the use of treats since this can distract your puppy from what they are doing. Be sure to praise your puppy as he is doing his business, not after.

You should let your pup out of his crate when he has went outside and eliminated. You need to watch them closely, so if they decide to use the house as a potty, you can quickly take them outside.


Training Tips To Get Your Golden Retriever Puppy To Obey!

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Having a short leash always on your Golden Retriever puppy is good, since this will enable you to get to him quickly when he starts doing things that aren't appropriate.

With a little work, Golden Retriever potty training can be successful because the benefit to you is ridding your home of accidents.


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