Golden Retriever Puppy Training

Golden Retriever Puppy Training

When you hear the word training several different types come to mind when considering Golden retriever puppy training.

As you look to train your new puppy, there are three different training options.

The three discussed below are the primary types for training Golden retrievers and will help you decide which one is best for you and your new puppy at any point in time.

Behavior training

Behavior training is designed to teach your Golden Retriever puppy how to be a good dog.

This type of training involves house breaking, general behavior around people and other pets, leash training, and other situations to make him a better canine companion.

Dogs passing obedience training are well suited to handle various situations regardless of where you decide to take them.

Activity training

Activity training teaches your dog activities such as hunting, herding, search and rescue, and other activities you two can do together. This type of training is very popular with Golden Retrievers, because as cements the relationship between you and your dog more interesting and enjoyable.

By focusing on activities the breed was designed to execute this training can be very beneficial to your Golden Retrievers temperament and health.

Obedience training

The purpose of obedience training is to teach your puppy how to perform various activities. This training focuses on a dog's general behavior, as well as teaching them to be well behaved.

Most dogs who successfully complete a class in obedience training are well behaved and listen to your commands. If you want a well behaved and obedient Golden enroll your puppy in an obedience training class as soon as your vet gives it their blessing.

Bear in mind there are distinctions between each type of training. Obedience training for example, won't help with the overall behavior of your Golden Retriever puppy. When selecting a class for your Golden puppy, you want to select a class that fits you and your dogs needs at that point in time.

If you are having trouble controlling your puppy, start with behavior training, which is usually the first type of training for most Golden owners.

When looking at training classes, consider which area your Golden needs help. Sometimes behavior patterns are the result of boredom, which is typically corrected by spending more time with your dog. After spending more time with your dog you'll typically notice this pattern will stop.

At other times they may require more help with certain behavior patterns, which is where training comes into play. Golden Retrievers are smart dogs, but they still won't know if they are doing something wrong unless you let them know.

Before you begin training Golden retrievers you need to decide what specifically it is you want to teach them. All puppies love routine and Golden's are no different, so they'll feel more relaxed when on a predictable schedule. When you take your puppy to training, be patient with them and reassure them when they're doing well.

As your Golden puppy gets older and learn new activities, in the unlikely event they start to slip on some of their training, don't be afraid to through a training course again to reinforce the techniques.

This way, the Golden retriever puppy training you applied will result in the ideal companion you grow to love over the years.

The Best Golden Retriever Puppy Training Method

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