How To Train a Golden Retriever

How To Train a Golden Retriever

When it comes to how to train a golden retriever you should always begin the training as soon as you get the puppy.

Training a dog is much easier when you can start early. Golden retrievers as young as eight weeks old make good candidates to start learning how to obey commands.

At this time, you will want to start with a simple routine, and build on it as they get older.

Choose the person you want to be the alpha male, and most golden retrievers will only listen effectively to one owner.

Be sure to have patience in the beginning, as getting angry and yelling at the dog will not be extremely ineffective.

Golden Retrievers are intelligent but even they need to be exposed to training in more than one session to learn the commands.

Start with the basics. If you want your golden retriever to be able to roll over on command, you should first start by teaching him the commands for sit, stay, and lie down.

The dog must understand the most basic actions before you can expect him to combine activities for a more complex command. The commands you use should be one to two words, as most dogs cannot understand long phrases or full sentences.

Consult a golden retriever course (we recommend Chet Womach's course which you can find below) for the most effective ways to use hand signals and movements for teaching these commands.

Include training that involves knowing how to interact with other dogs as well humans. Nipping and chewing are two popular activities for golden retrievers, and are typically learned by their mother and siblings.

It is important regarding how to train a golden retriever that these behaviors are halted as soon as possible. This creates proper social interactions with other animals and humans that come for a visit.

Other common behaviors of golden retrievers that need to be stopped include jumping up on people and getting on the furniture.

Use positive reinforcement. This will promote the wanted behaviors and will have the dog realizing that his negative actions will be scolded or simply ignored.

Offering praise as well as an occasional treat is likely to provide you with the proper behavior you are seeking from your pet.

Make sure the treat is the dog's sights the entire time he performs the desired action, and give him the food immediately after he accomplishes the behavior.

This allows the golden to connect the positive reinforcement with the actions he just performed.

Be consistent in your actions. You cannot stop the training once your golden retriever has mastered the commands.


Training Tips To Get Your Golden Retriever Puppy To Obey!

Here's Chet Womach talking about his course.

You can get the free video Chet mentions by Clicking Here.


Refreshing the dog every other day with your expectations for his behavior will allow him to remember how he needs to act when specific commands are given.

In closing, as you work on how to train a golden retriever, remember to expose them to other dogs and people regularly will also remind him of appropriate interactions.


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